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Collezione Pierre Frey

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http://kopuamonastery.org.nz/felmor/293 Contemporary materials, Home furnishing fabrics with stylized patterns, a House drawn by inspiration, a legacy of passion, poetry and realism, extreme refinement, audacity and elegance, inventive intelligence, profoundly eclectic, Parisian chic, influences crossing all borders, Paris, sophistication, charm, hotel industry, flame retardant, outdoor..

http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=trade-op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-bin%C3%A1rias&0de=d3 HISTORY OF THE HOUSE

It is a French maison de luxe – a luxury design house an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future.
Pierre Frey, founded in 1935, designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company's rich collection of no less than 7,000 items includes not only the Pierre Frey designs, but collections from the company's other three prestigious brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac.
Although Pierre Frey is traditionally a fabric and furnishing house, it's also attuned to the modern world, which has led to the creation of equally stunning home accessories and furniture collections.

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