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Florence's life and personal experiences reads like the script of a romantic Hollywood fairytale; the life of a girl from a remote Queensland cattle station who travels the world and becomes a flamboyant performer, socialite, artist, entrepreneur and internationally successful business woman in the process.
Florence made her mark as a globetrotting entertainer during a time when travel around the world was still seen as something that was inaccessible, mysterious and somewhat magical. Places in the far east were still shrouded with a sense of romantic idealism in many people’s eyes. Celebrity and mixing in the elite of social circles was still highly exclusive and not so readily obtained as it is today.
Florence was a renegade and a forward thinking individual for her time. More remarkable for the fact that she was also a woman in a strongly male dominated society. She played by her own rules, was highly ambitious and entrepreneurial in her business pursuits. She was spurred on by obstacles and challenges and would not let them stand in the way of her goals and ambitions.
She once stated that she wanted to "colour Australia". Florence was a flamboyant individual and the life of the party who commanded attention wherever she went. This is reflected in the boldness, brashness, scale and colour in many of her designs.
Her designs were distinctively bold and timeless, still remaining relevant even to this day when reinterpreted for our and future generations. You can see a discernible evolution of her style reflecting the times, travels, personal experiences and influences they were created against.

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