Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin mira a riunire stile, eleganza e comfort. Incredibile, unico e di alta qualità trae ispirazione da influenze eclettiche provenienti da tutto il mondo e nasce dalla sapiente fusione di diverse culture ed epoche.

Incredibili collezioni di tessuti, carta da parati, illuminazione, mobili e accessori, disegni colorati, audaci ed eccentrici, legno pietrificato, cemento ma anche collezioni dal design più tradizionale, luci e mobili dallo stile classico… Andrew Martin ha davvero qualcosa per tutti e rappresenta il punto di riferimento per chiunque sia alla ricerca di interni personalizzati di grande effetto e di gran classe.

Founded in 1978, Andrew Martin International is a UK brand with global authority within the world of interior design.

Offering a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and home accessories inspired by a unique mix of cultures, nostalgia and decades, Andrew Martin International is the go-to place for tastemakers in search of individual interiors with a twist.

The Andrew Martin aesthetic draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope combination of cultures and eras. Its ideology is to surprise, stimulate and entertain; its aim, to bring its multilayered, multicultural, easy living style to everybody who likes it. Visitors to any one of the 17 (and growing) Andrew Martin global showrooms can immerse themselves in a truly unique brand experience that boasts an eclectic, glamorous mix of products that chooses statement over subtlety every time and is certainly never dull. A fusion of cultures with touches of charming playfulness permeates interior spaces that effortlessly mix high glamour with ancient traditions. A trip to the Walton Street showroom in London has been described as “like stepping in to Aladdin’s Cave, with an almost bonkers mix of beautiful and enormous objects that shouldn’t go together, yet somehow do.”

Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award & Interior Design Review

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