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Enlightenment is built on the verb “to light”.
Enlightenment rationality contrasts with the Romanticism which is characterized by emotion and imagination. We borrowed these terms to link, in a play on words, their strong philosophical meaning to a much smaller and far from the original, the romantic enlightenment.
The romantic enlightenment is the paradoxical union with which we intend to emphasize the desired contradiction that is created when the lighting technology leaves, though not entirely, its scientific side, to embrace the empirical, sensitive, romantic.
Romantic enlightenment, expression of identity for Macrolux, not a lighting of rules, but a lighting to be lived, at the service of the individual.
We are all aware in front of a lighting realization if it is right or not, positive or negative, we perceive the flavor of it. What we are not always aware is the reason of that result, the reason why we have that perception. What we want to support in this message is that the reason is mostly artistic.
In the art of lighting there is the appreciation of beauty, the experience in the field, the flavor of the result, the unconsciousness in the rules, and especially the love for imperfection.

A. and F. Bettiol


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