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The SAHCO Collection 2015 is exciting and full of variety, and covers 35 fine fabrics and eight elegant wallcoverings. The inspirations for it were hugely varied. Newcomers are the EDIZIONE CLASSICA PRIMA, SHANGHAI NIGHTS, CHALET LUXE and INTO THE BLUE collections, but there are also new PREMIUM BASICS.
In addition, there is the REFLECTION Collection by Ulf Moritz. New wallcoverings are a further highlight, brought together in Edition V. The diversity of the SAHCO Collection 2015 is reflected in the choice of materials, the traditional weaving techniques and the elaborate finishing techniques.
The new fabrics and wallcoverings are luxurious, classic and elegant, but also relaxed with a subtly rustic note. Patterns full of variety, an extensive range of colours, with a wide international appeal underline the statement: A world of finest fabrics.

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