Zimmer + Rohde, casa tedesca che distribuisce altri famosi marchi come Etamine e Ardecora, è uno dei produttori tessili più importanti in Europa. Fin dalla sua fondazione nel 1899 si distingue per l’arredamento esclusivo e per il design innovativo: colori accuratamente coordinati e design sottilmente combinati emanano un’eleganza senza tempo.
Le esclusive tende da arredamento Zimmer Rohde sono vendute in tutto il mondo nelle sue filiali di New York, Parigi, Milano, Londra, Dubai e Hong Kong.
Venite a scoprire le stupende collezioni di tendaggi e tessuti d’arredamento Zimmer Rohde nel nostro showroom!

…Every atmosphere whether a belle époque villa or minimalist cubic, can be individually combined with Zimmer + Rohde. “

The impressive new Paradise collection from Zimmer + Rohde combines vitality, diversity and opulence. The collection draws on a wealth of sources, using colours such as pomegranate red, saffron yellow and peacock blue.
The expressive Ara embroidery is a focal point of the collection with the playfully arranged colours that provide an analogy to its namesake. Birds Gallery emulates a bird of paradise: The artistically painted feathers, printed on a fine silk satin, have not been selected by chance. The beauty of nature is transformed into a work of art with an elegant lightness and floating, dancing patterns. Paradise showcases sophisticated opulence and makes a stylish, elegant impression. The satin fabrics are impressive with elaborate, unique techniques used for their finishes of palette embroidery or appliqué velour. Their shine unfolds into shades of silver, platinum, graphite and bronze, and their expressiveness conveys an effective depth. The single-colour Tinto looks like a rainbow with its wonderfully wide colour palette, incorporating all the hues of a kaleidoscope. An ode to nature, the Paradise collection takes you on an amazing journey of discovery, combining idyllic beauty with artistic finishes.

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